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BEDROCK:  Broadcast signals are limited quasi-natural resources of region, belonging to the region which reasonably receives those signals and whose benefits should be fairly shared by its people, wildlife, land, water and air.

Is your favorite charity a hideout for the conscience of those who earn filthy riches by enabling, encouraging, and/or promoting unsustainable  environmental, economic, and health practices?

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  ~Helen Keller

Ideas on this blog are, of course, of limited validity or value since they brandish no claim to support for the(war)God(s) at the far end of the Mediteranean Sea.


The Indigenist Enjoys the Best of Both Worlds

My specialty, based entirely on observation, contemplation and survival, is Majority Psychology.

Monotheism is a hate group. It advocates war or it enables other monotheists who advocate war.
Fame is an industry with a moving living image for product.
Monarchy is the economic force of all the fans and institutions who, consciously or not, invest in protecting the same old thing and the same old people.  Monarchy is the antithesis of revolutionary.
Saudi Arabia is the United KINGDOM's baby.  But then, they say, so is the United States.  Gonna hafta do somethin about that.


Public Broadcast TV In Boston Normalizes Air Pollution

We try to block out the bad news and hope against hope that somewhere someone who knows more than we do, has some answers.  The tragedy is that this totally understandable feeling -- that we must leave the big problems to the "experts" -- lies at the very root of our predicament, because the experts are those with the greatest stake in the status quo.  Schooled in the institutions of power, they take as given many patterns that must change if we are to find answers.  Thus, the solutions can come only from people who are less "locked-in" . . . -- Frances Moore Lappe DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET: Twentieth Anniversary Edition


One Liner

So this artist goes into a bar.  [ I don't know anything about bars.  All I know is that nouns go into the bar and one liners are delivered. ]  This bar is full of publishers. [ Oh, yeah.  Also.  This is before computers. ]  So this artist goes into the bar and says,  "You can't tell a book by its content."


a poem

                            SHOUTS OF THE ARTIST IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE
          First, they want to stake out a little visual territory and call it their flag.
                             Then, they want us to pledge allegiance to it.
         Then they want another flag -- a veterans flag -- a flag to justify the next war.
                         Now they expect allegiance to the Fuckin' Ball Teams!

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When ever I run into a young person who wants to be President I always ask:  "Are you prepared to kill people . . . to applause?" -- BJoyce



Not the Swim Suit issue:

"It is easier to fool a man than it is to convince him that he's been fooled." Aphorism of Unknown Origin

The Well Trained Eye of the Artist Uncovers ATOMIC BOSTON BULL:


The above jpeg/poster is an example of the successive brainwashing efforts of generations.  (Use the medium.  Take the issue. Put it all back in the hands of the Military Industrial Complex.)
For the sake of brevity I hesitate to enter into a critique which can only lead me into delivering insults.  However, just like the politicians, just like the cops, like the educators, like the employers, like the the institutions, there's nothing here that appeals to my pacifist, my hippie, nor even my civilian, with the exception of the cannabis.  For the purpose of TRYING to legalize cannabis, and that, for just a tiny minority of people, this "revolutionary" organization wants to get results by appealling to the overwhelmingly same-sex heritage of athletics, war and uniforms.  I won't be there.

Uniforms, Regimentation, Coaching Castigations, Over-the-shoulder Referees, Team Conformity, Social Conformity, Strict Discipline, Get 'em while they're young, Submit to the invisible good ol' boy hierarchy, and let's not forget. . . . . . . . A Preponderance of Chain Link Fences, lawns, lawn chemicals, smelly noisy lawn mowers and the displacement of all wildlife, all year, for the limited use of those who have paved their head with Astro-brain.  What's that spell?

 "SPORTS:  it's where you learn teamworks skills"
Learning to take orders: Agreeably
Learning to take orders in a group:  Strictly
Learning to take orders in a big group:  Loyally
Learning to take orders how big can we make it?  Fanatically
Celebrate Independence Day:  On a Leash


With Respect to the On-Going Suffering of My Neighbors 
 "I . . . devoted my Sundays to teaching these my loved fellow-slaves how to read . . . . It was understood, among all who came, that there must be as little display about it as possible.  It was necessary to keep our religious masters at St. Michael's unacquainted with the fact, that, instead of spending the Sabbath in wrestling, boxing, and drinking whisky, we were trying to learn how to read the will of God; for they had much rather see us engaged in those degrading sports, than to see us behaving like intellectual, moral, and accountable beings." THE NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, 1845

BJoyceArt seeks the advancement of the position that organized Sports and organized "GOD" are sources of the impoverishment of our own regional culture and/or the regional culture of others at a distance.  [Culture -- appealing presentations which encourage the peaceful solutions to our individual and collective problems.]
BJoyceArt is in favor of literacy, and in favor of outdoor activity and in favor of climbing to the top of a nearby mountain - preferably alone - to find out just what might be up there.  "I've been to the mountaintop." as they say.  You know what's there?  Happiness for African-Americans.  Happiness For Africans.  Happiness for all species of being in Africa.  When Africa, Africans, and African Americans are happy, how can the rest of us fail to be happy? -- BJoyceArt

DECAPITATION: "[Rod] Serling's time in Leyte shaped his writing and political views for the rest of his life. He saw death every day while in the Philippines, at the hands of his enemies and his allies, and through freak accidents such as that which killed another extroverted Jewish private named Melvin Levy. Levy was delivering a comic monologue for the platoon as it rested under a palm tree when a food crate dropped from a plane above, decapitating him." -- From the Wikipedia Biography of Rod Serling '14.08


The Wiki Wiki Testimony of Persecution

The following is the examplar of a Classically (male-dominated and war-based) Heroic Life.  In the following paragraph are BJoyceArt's nearly-in-context quotations from the Wikipedia Biography of Twentieth Century - that is Pre-9-11 - Osama bin Laden { my numbers indicate his persecution } :

Through the circumstance of birth Osama bin Laden was the son of a Saudi Arabian billionaire contractor.

"After leaving college in 1979, [he] used money and machinery from his own construction company to help the mujahideen resistance in the Soviet war in Afghanistan . . . . Osama bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia in 1990 as a hero of jihad. Along with his Arab legion, he was thought to have "brought down the mighty superpower" of the Soviet Union . . . . The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait under Saddam Hussein on August 2, 1990, put the Saudi kingdom and the royal family at risk . . . .  Bin Laden met with King Fahd . . . offering to help defend Saudi Arabia with his Arab legion.  Bin Laden's offer was rebuffed, and the Saudi monarchy invited the deployment of U.S. forces in Saudi territory.  Bin Laden publicly denounced Saudi dependence on the U.S. military . . . . Bin Laden's criticism of the Saudi monarchy led them to { 1 } try to silence him . . . . Bin Laden continued to speak publicly against the Saudi government, for which { 2 } the Saudis banished him.  IN 1992 he [was forced] to live in exile in Sudan . . . . [While there] he heavily invested in the infrastructure, in agriculture and businesses . . . . and built roads using the same bulldozers he had employed to construct mountain tracks in Afghanistan. Many of his labourers were the same fighters who had been his comrades in the war against the Soviet Union. He was generous to the poor and popular with the people. He continued to criticize King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. In response, in 1994 Fahd { 3 } stripped bin Laden of his Saudi citizenship and { 4 } persuaded his family to cut off his $7 million a year stipend . . . . Due to the increasing pressure on Sudan from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United States, bin Laden was { 5 } [forced] to leave [Sudan] for [any] country of his choice . . . . [as] there was no indictment outstanding against bin Laden in any country.   He chose to return to Jalalabad, Afghanistan aboard a chartered flight on May 18, 1996 . . . . Some African intelligence sources have argued that the expulsion left bin Laden without an option other than becoming a full-time radical, and that most of the 300 Afghan Arabs who left with him subsequently became terrorists." Wikipedia 08'14

The Editorial
AND SO NOW, the United States, in contradiction to the spirit of the First Amendment's Religion Clause, (all the while obstinately invoking "God Bless America") is "neck deep in the Big Muddy" supporting two, extreme, religion-exclusive THEOCRACIES -- Israel and Saudi Arabia; and, through consequence, the other numerous theocracies and militarists of the region for the sake of "stability".  Who can suggest that humanity would be any the worse if the US had stayed out of the Middle East entirely and let Osama bin Laden make his bid to become a leader?

If Osama bin Laden's ideas don't meet anyone's belief standards mightn't we consider that he was born and raised amid the severe limitations of a US-BACKED Saudi Arabian THEOCRATIC TOTALITARIAN MONARCHY?  Did I mention US-BACKED?  Who will challenge this monarchy now, Mr. Minuteman?

Were Osama bin Laden's religious views more deranged than:

    Godblessamerica whose brainwash contaigon raises generations of children utilizing mythological heritage indoctrination to promote the importance of the immature, least productive, even physically destructive, skills that life has to offer:  sports?  [NOTE:  I am unaware of any PRODUCTIVE return on investment for projectiles, whatsoever.]

    Godblessamerica whose collective conceit asserts the innate possession of mythical, "exceptional" American qualities, (as if the heritage of conquest is a quality and has no downside for the conqueror) while having, throughout history, given a free hand to hired guns who - in my own lifetime - have killed millions of innocents, and environmentally damaged untold acreage in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, for the alleged benefits of questionably ethical wars.      

The Toxic Crescent
If the expression of the Minuteman statue could be summed up as "I will not be dominated," then it's time we meet its corresponding responsibility: "Do unto others:  I will not dominate.  I will not seek submission."  And yet, from 1492 to the present, domination, conformity, and submission, whose conclusion leads to a wilderness filled with chain link fences -- and not freedom -- is what America has had to offer to most of the world's oceans, land mass, plants, animals and people . . . . And of topical note, during my entire lifetime, and during the thousands of Crusading years since:  1) the war propaganda of Homer, 2) the biggoted tyrannies of Moses, and the 3) monolithical monomaniacal architecture of the Pharoahs, Western Civilization has demanded Domination and Submission from the Middle East. 

To conclude, I do not accept without dissent the shameless unified socio-political-religious-economic-educational promotional encouragement related to this historically "un-contradictable" value of Winning/Losing Victory/Defeat Domination/Submission, yea, not without dissent this destruction-producing cheerleading, posing as leadership, in a time of Burning World.   I leave it to the newly institutionally adored INNOVATORS to ponder the IMMATURE as they, and their toys, unconcernedly burn greenhouse gases throughout a lifetime in which they find being productive a bore?  Personally, I favor building sidewalks over spacewalks.

So I'm walking amid the old spooky tide-eroded wharf pilings, at the tidal edge of Boston Harbor, in Eastie, on May 5, 2011 -- I'll never forget that day.  And all of a sudden, out of the water, comes Osama bin Laden -- right out of the water -- before my very eyes.  He rises up in the air -- the Boston Skyline is the stunning backdrop -- and who's there to meet him?  Can you believe it?  George Washington and a host of Angels.  And they all ascended, bodily, into heaven.




And now, my little readers, you will have understood the fine trade that [the] little man pursued. The wicked little monster, who had a face all milk and honey, made frequent journeys round the world with his coach. As he
went along he collected, with promises and flattery, all the idle boys who had taken a dislike to books and school. As soon as his coach was full he conducted them to the "Land of Boobies," that they might pass their time in games, in uproar, and in amusement. When these poor, deluded boys, from continual play and no study, had become so many little donkeys, he took possession of them with great delight and satisfaction, and carried them off to the fairs and markets to be sold. And in this way he had in a few years made heaps of money and had becomea millionaire.  PINOCCHIO--The Tale of a Puppet (1880's) by C. Collodi

 In the Second Week God Created . . .
                                                . . . Monotheism:

Sunday. .hmmm. .Saturday?, no. .Monday!? 
                                        II.i One God.
                                        II.ii One God. Our God.
                                        II.iii Our God Make Rules. Good Rules.
                                        II.iv Your God Not Real God.
                                        II.v Your God Make Bad Rules.
                                        II.vi Your God Bad. You Bad.
                                        II.vii Bigotry. . . .War. . . .
                                  Eternal. . . . . Amen

New Button Design:
HIP SAVES:  Fifty Years of Cultural Support for -- Arts as Popular Communications Media -- Resistance and Antipathy to War and Consumptive Non-Sustainable Consumerism -- Energy and Resource Conservation -- Organic Gardening and Living -- Home Crafts -- Animal Empathy, , .etc. etc. etc.

WHO? . . . ME? . . . . [mine]

One cannot make the Fascist harmless if, according to the politics of the day, one looks for him only in the German or Italian, or the American or the Chinese; if one does not look for him in oneself; if one does not know the social institutions which hatch him every day [Little Leagues].  One can beat fascism only if one meets it objectively and practically, with a well-grounded knowledge of the life processes.  One cannot equal it in politics, in diplomacy [diplomas] or strutting.  But it has no answer to practical questions of living, for it sees everything only in the mirror of ideology or in the form of the state [athletic] uniforms.  When one hears [the] fascist character of whatever hue preach about the "honor of the nation" (instead of the honor of man) or about the "salvation of the sacred family and saving the race" [Boston Marathon] (instead of the society of working individuals), . . . . Give us a practical answer [to stop routine habitual biosphere destruction] or shut up!." . . . . from the author's preface (1945) to the third edition of THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM (1933) by Wilhelm Reich.

 This Year's Paintings . . .  IF I HAD A HAMMER, If I had a bike  . . . .
. . . I think that I'd Pedal all over this la-and. . .


 "Yes! I am the Devil's creature . . . . I have lain with him.  Yes! I have lain with the Devil, and he is mighty and cold as ice to the touch.  His seed, too, is cold and abundant as a river running between our thighs.  For I have not lain with him alone!  No!  I tell you now, I have seen your wives lie with him! . . . . We rejoice to do it, all of us together and without shame, many times, one after another, and sometimes two or more at once, sucking him and taking him howsoever he desires to go into us.  No man's yard is as great as his.  He is a stallion amongst geldings compared to you. . . . Every wife has said that her pleasure is extreme, far greater than with any of you!"  And she laughed . . . laughed as if she could not control herself.  The men bellowed like oxen then and tugged as one upon the rope.  It snapped tight and silenced her laughter.  Her long legs kicked . . . . Her beautiful face was unrecognizable, purple and bloated, with the tongue hanging out like a cur's.  -- from *YEAR OF WONDERS* by Geraldine Brooks, 2001

13.06.21:  New Portraits in Number 2 Pencil -- Ai 2 Zinn

Ai Weiwei

Noam Chomsky

Angela Davis

Dick Gregory

Timothy Leary

Ralph Nader

Huey Newton

Chief Quanah Parker

Yemelyan Pugachev

Ida Tarbell

Frank Zappa

Howard Zinn

 June 6:  Current Events, Six JPegs, Two Baptists

Drawing for Bradley Manning from the Anti-War Memorial Series at:

following recent tanker spill

Institutional Identity Theft 

May 16, 2013:  New Business Card

May 3, 2013:  Easing Back Into the Wet Media:

Middle of the Edge of the Swamp
and Vice Versa

April 26, 2013:  Visual Essay

Early April, 2013 KID LIB:
Ball Puppets

March 31 , 2013  UNTWEETED

Modern Communists and Modern Capitalists United

JOBBERY is killing the planet.

March 25, 2013

March 20, 2013 

I saw Ai Wei Wei hanging around outside the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum the night of the robbery.

February 20, 2013

A brief update on my state of mind:  I am adjusting well, but perhaps slowly, to my new indoor situation.  I am handicapped by the nature of my character which 1) eschews utility space which is not also aesthetic space and 2) believes that all space is utility space [ 3) and that Outer Space should generally be left alone.]  I've begun again my practice and exploration of drawing.

Following are some recent works from Found Objects:

January 10, 2013:

I can no longer avoid mention that as of mid-December I no longer (usually) appear thus:
as I have become an indoor resident at the Franklin Field Housing Project in Boston, MA.

View of the Boston Museum of Fine Art

We try to block out the bad news and hope against hope that somewhere someone who knows more than we do, has some answers.  The tragedy is that this totally understandable feeling -- that we must leave the big problems to the "experts" -- lies at the very root of our predicament, because the experts are those with the greatest stake in the status quo.  Schooled in the institutions of power, they take as given many patterns that must change if we are to find answers.  Thus, the solutions can come only from people who are less "locked-in" . . . -- Frances Moore Lappe DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET: Twentieth Anniversary Edition

 Leverett Pond

Being Observed From The Inside Of The Canopy.

 . . . gradually I learned that every choice I made that aligned my daily life with an understanding of how I wanted things to be, made me feel more powerful.  As I became more convincing to myself, I was more convincing to other people.  I was more powerful.  -- Frances Moore Lappe DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET: Twentieth Anniversary Edition

 December 14, 2012
"Animals bluff more than they fight; they compete but don't instinctively hate; they kill for food but not often in anger." 

"All vocal animals have sounds that mean "NO" and "All Right" and "Watch Out" and they communicate with their postures, gestures and actions."

quotes from WILD HERITAGE 1965 by Sally Carrighar

December 4, 2012

Exercise to most people brings to mind some physical effort.  Some other people might consider exercises related to mastering a skill.  Our bodies (the skin being our largest organ) have acquired the ability to adjust - with conscious cooperation from the mind - to a variety of climactic conditions.  I'd like to hypothosize that the modern lifestyle of 70 degree home to 70 degree vehicle to 70 degree workplace and back again fails to properly exercise our climactic weathering abilities and skills.  If you're concerned with weight - try freezing your ass off.  If you're concerned with virility - try freezing your nuts off.  What?

Suppost all the fish in the Gulf of Maine Watershed were used exclusively or primarily to feed the people of the Gulf of Maine Watershed.  Imagine the wonderfully unified regional culture that would be!

November 28, 2012
Read Santa Fe Art Dealer Forrest Fenn's recounting of 1977-78 events in the Old Southwest in THE BRIAN JOYCE AFFAIR followed with comments by the artist - BJoyceArt @

When I get a visitor like this it's hard not to 
Eschew Humanity
November 27, 2012: 
Hurricane Sandy, High Tide, 
Near the Mouth of the Saugus River

November 26, 2012:  Need a LICENSE TO KILL?
Apply as so many have done throughout the CENTURIES ! ! !
B. "N-U" J. 

CONSENSUAL SEX is much better for the SOUL
(how ever you may define that)
B. "N U" J 

November 1, 2012
   Surely, "NECESSITY'S" second child must be  "APPLICATION". 
- SOLARE, the teacher.

October 30, 2012
You're not scared of the (mostly) dead things on the side of the road . . .
. . ARE YOU?
the things that go "BUMP" in the road . . . ?
As a public service I am at this very moment preparing a new 2012 posting of ROADKILL
(see listings at right)

In the meantime, here's some mostly recent bicycling photos from mostly swampy places mostly southwest of Boston.

September 12, 2012
New  Drawings:


 Just A Little More Summer Roadkill 2012


I spend plenty of time in contemplation.  The consequence of such an activity is originally derived thinking, and then, the honing of conclusions into few and simple words.  Sometimes the facts are wrong but sometimes the sentiment is right:

Text of a very short speech delivered to very few people and the sea on the morning after the Two Party Conventions had concluded -- September 8, 2012. [NOTE:  I could have kept my mouth shut but the morning hangover of the conventions  entered my solitude.  I was standing on a wall in a conspicuous place when a "Middle Class" man in a Red Sox cap approached to ask the Ridiculous Non Sequitur:  "Are you a Veteran?"  Here's what was on my mind and consequently expressed at that time:


 When they say 'GOD BLESS . . .   -- EQUANIMITY IS GONE !

 When EQUANIMITY IS GONE Crime and War will follow."
[When Equanimity is Gone Misunderstanding and Insanity will also follow]

Trade in the interest you have in Pets for an interest in Wildlife:  MAKE WILDLIFE YOUR PET.

Suggested sign outdoor sign:  If You Can Read This Sign You Are Too Old And Too Smart To Be Feeding PIGEONS, DUCKS, SEAGULLS, ETC.

No one should be eligible for a diploma in anything, nor should anyone be allowed to drop-out of anything unless they can show they have an understanding of at least three reasons why wild animals should not, generally, be fed by humans.

The further adventures of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE:
The next year Mr. Potter decided to become a philanthropist -- he built a stadium (Potter's Field) and brought in teams.  George Bailey became a well loved but half forgotten has-been.  Mr. Potter became a cradle-to-grave every day presence -- the veritable Terrestrial God of Bailey's Falls.  With technological improvements upon the automobile, the next time George Bailey had a drunk driving accident he died instantly. 

Here's One for Homelessness, for the Homeless, and for just walking around America's cities:

August 28, 2012

June 27, 2012 

See the USA!
America the Beautiful
God Bless America etc.

June 14, 2012:  Definition GRAND SLAM HOME RUN:  What molecules of shit look like in slow motion when they hit the fan.

May 23, 2012:   During Occupy Boston's DoWe Square era I was interviewed by actor/activist  Danny Bryck, who transcribed the interview and then performed it at the old Piano Factory Theater in the South End.  The performance was video taped.  Here is the link of Danny Bryck  performing the Ravings of Brian Joyce: 

My apologies to Danny Bryck and Occupy the Mind for taking so long to get this link posted.

SHOWN BELOW IS A ROUTINE AMERICAN LOCATION of public sector space whose use has been reserved for the large special interest group willing and able to invest in the automobile industry:

so much depends

a purple

locked to the
bike rack

between a ditch
a wall 
and flag 
waving fences.


I don't understand why it never crosses the mind of those who carry the banner of "Deregulation" that the place to start is with automobile traffic laws. George Washington never had to put up with a stop sign or a traffic light.

Of course, the base line reason that our modern world requires regulations is because when human beings are routinely in possession of deadly force -- deadly force which on an instant can, and does, go awry -- deadly force which on the highways annually kills more Americans than the death toll of soldiers in most wars -- then for some inexplicable reason Democracy wants to regulate. 

No one suggests that a Revolutionary War style black powder rifle be put behind a lock because we fear that a child may load it, raise it, and accidentally kill a friend.

I don't know where regulation will end.  I know that most Americans are so wicked, so evil, and so stupid that they are willing to trade-in their rights (4th Amendment), the health of the planet, and their good sense of what are the reasonable limits for a two footed animal, in exchange for a week in the tropics -- and let not the tropical natives follow them home. 

The Amish don't have lifestyles that require a great deal of regulation.  I understand that in the American West there are plenty of wild horses needing homes, instead of slaughter.  We all know that the Conservatives love to embrace The Cowboy, The Hero, and Deregulation but can never seem to stop all their hugging of men in uniforms long enough to get off their lazy stereotype-seeking intellect and actually do something to make life -- their country -- better.

"The family and I were just enjoying our lives.  I guess we weren't looking . . . maybe made the wrong choices, the wrong turns. Some say we were tricked.  Don't know. Now here we are with so little and it seems that those other people have so much. If this distribution of wealth continues we fear that we could become slaves or near slaves.  So the neighbors and I got together and we think it would work out for the best if we started over and we redistributed. Yes.  A New Deal.  A Great Society of Neighbors, Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters. Relax, Rich Neighbors -- Easy Living for All.  We'll all get back to enjoying our lives."

Spartacus was a Roman gladiatorial slave who, a few decades before the time of Christ, escaped a gladiatorial school with about 70 other slaves and a wagon load of gladiatorial arms.  He and his comrades eventually liberated numerous other Roman slaves becoming a rather large army of rebellion.  Circumstances were such (the Roman army was off fighting foreign wars) that Spartacus had great success up and down the Italian "boot".  Eventually, however, Spartacus was defeated.  The survivors of his army, numbering around six thousand, were crucified one after another the length of the Appian Way between between Naples and Rome.  You might consider Spartacus and his friends the next time you see a crucifix.

In the 1770's a Russian peasant named Pugachev lead a rebellion through impersonation of the dead Emperor Peter III.  Peter was unpopular among the Aristocracy and had been recently overthrown and killed, possibly by his wife Catherine II.  It was Pugachev's plan to take advantage of Peter's identity, claim that the Emperor had survived, and lead a revolt of Cossacks and peasants to overthrow the Russian establishment.  "Pugachev's Rebellion" enjoyed some success but was eventually defeated.  Pugachev was publicly beheaded and then what remained of him was drawn and quartered.

After the Rebellion government reforms related to peasants were halted.  It's believed that Catherine had had pre-Rebellion plans to emancipate the peasantry, which were primarily migrant at that time.  However, the Russian aristocracy had become so fearful of the peasantry roving the land that, from the Rebellion forward, the peasants were forced to abandon their migrations and to remain serfs on the land of particular Aristocratic owners.

Two further points:  First, Pugachev's Rebellion predated Karl Marx so calling it "communist" is a bit premature although that's exactly what Pugachev's Rebellion would likely be called today.  Second, if you were born in Russian prior to 1917, the chances are overwhelming that you would be a peasant.  And if, in 1917, you were a peasant and not a Communist how could you be anything but a fool?  With the exception of Newt Gingrich's Republican "Revolution" of the 1990's I can't think of a revolution which isn't redistributionist -- including the American Revolution which dispossessed thousands of British Loyalists who were force to flee to Canada.

Given that I am the equivalent of a Blue Whale walking the earth -- big, HUGE, muscular, skilled in all I do and living in a world being polluted by knuckle heads . . . I challenge anyone and everyone to gather up the pick and shovel see if they able to dig a deeper, wider, longer, faster foundation trench than I can do.  I am the greatest foundation trench digger that ever was.  The world championships are being held everyday in Haiti.  If I don't get there, don't hesitate to start digging those foundation trenches without me. If you need to practice, start right there at home by digging a new trench to replace that outmoded, polluting American architectural in which you are now living.

  FEBRUARY 8, 2012 -- Return to the Outdoors
February 1, 2012
WHOA!  I've just returned from an All-January solo bicycle trip to New York City and currently visiting family relations in Rhode Island.

December 31, 2012

. . . and I came to a Fork in the Road . . .


Miscellaneous COMMENTARY -- November 30, 2011

Present day human life has "static shelter" that is dependent on life support systems running to and from individual units.  This is like an invalid on life support systems in a hospital. -- Michael Reynolds COMFORT IN ANY CLIMATE 2000

Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. -- The Geico Gecko - 2011

And I went down to the demonstration
To get my fair share of abuse

Singing, "We're gonna vent our frustration
If we don't we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse"
--Rolling Stones. You Can't Always Get What You Want - 1970

The most four most Invasive Species of my region are: the Domestic (non-feral) Dog, the (daytime prowling) Domestic Cat, Lawn Grass, and Human Beings

I don't recall Ayn Rand 's "Money is Morality" calculations ever including the destruction of the ground we're walking upon.

The ancient city of Ephesus was once an important Greek and then Imperial Roman port on what is now the Southwestern Turkish coast.  In the Roman period, Ephesus had a population of more than 250,000 in the 1st century BC, which also made it one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean world. But over the centuries, sedimentation from mistreatment of the topsoil inland gradually filled in the inlet around the city. The coastlines moved seaward and the ruins of Ephesus are now some 5 miles inland from the coast.

Each time funding goes to the Interstate Highway System there is an unspoken presumption that all future generations will continue maintaining this infrastructure; indeed, they must, or there will be consequences related to the value of all the real estate that most depends on these roads -- especially the real estate nearest the exits. Let the smallest under or over pass fall and there will be a lot of detouring for hundreds of miles around.  How does one calculate the eternal expenses of the Interstate Highway into the calculations of the National Debt? Those who embrace the flames of coal and oil never seem to consider eternity.

In some parts of the world we are often reminded of the loss of habitat for animals near extinction: the Tiger, Orangutan, Panda, Polar Bear etc.  I'm so lucky to be living in a part of the "Free" "Western" World where one never need worry about the loss of habitat.  After all, around here, the lawn is more important than the Woodchuck, the Beaver, the Lynx, the Moose, the Wolf. . . .

1.  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of anything but the HOME TEAM, and encouraging the regular exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of grunts, roars, spitting, etc. or of the right of ALL PEOPLE to own a BIG SCREEN TV, with regular replacement upgrades and necessary dumpings in landfills;  or of the right of the people peacably to assemble in their stadiums to suck up to THEIR ESTABLISHED LEADERS and to weep upon their childhood endocrinated pledges and anthems.

2.  A population of traffic jamming COMMUTERS being necessary to the security of THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, the right of the people to to keep and bear the deadly force of THEIR CARS, shall not be infringed, subject to, necessarily, the greatest number of laws ever assembled on any single TOPIC.  Congress shall provide an endless and cheap source of energy.

3.  NO AMIMAL shall, at any time, quarter itself upon the land of any HUMAN, excepting our undeniably lovable, and superior, DOGS and CATS, nor shall the right of ALL PEOPLE to a half acre lot, of neat angled corners and gilded with short regularly shorn LAWN GRASS be denied; let no grub or slug, or squirell or ground hog, no wild beast of any kind, violate the sanctity of this GOD GIVEN land, but in a manner to be PRESCRIBED by law.

4.  The right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their conscience regarding their alcoholic liquors shall not be violatated without reminder of the physically addictive properties of alcohol especially since the government can earn so much through taxation of these liquors; the government may give no quarter to any other reputed euphoric substance, except as PRESCRIBED by law.

5.  The powers not delegated to the American Way of Life by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people; but the PEOPLE may not claim a prior right to peaceable passabe on roadways when such claims would violate the preemminence of the car or the ULTIMATE PREEMINENCE of the curiousity of the law to question and search a pedestrian.

6.  ALL PERSONS shall be entitled to a trip to DISNEY WORLD complete with a thorough body search.

June 14, 2011  [How vague of me:  The issue is SPORTS]


Violence Promotion related to Corporate Games NOT AN ISSUE

Social Mental Health while Promoting Corporate Games NOT AN ISSUE

Childhood Indoctrination Related to Corporate Games NOT AN ISSUE

--- As Boston Corporate Media Membership Spit Dunkin Cream Filled at public While Doing CORPORATE SIXTY NINE with Local Teams

Long live the principle:  those who encourage violence have no standing to claim freedom from violence.

Brian Joyce