Opening Day Evinces U.S. Hippie Holocaust

Boston Globe '18.11.19

"At 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Iraq veteran and medical marijuana advocate Stephen Mandile will walk into Cultivate, a hybrid medical-recreational cannabis shop in Leicester, and buy a quarter-ounce of pot — preferably a sativa — plus some edibles.

"Around the same time, Air Force veteran and Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz will approach the counter of New England Treatment Access, or NETA, a similar facility in his city that invited him to be its first customer."  Boston Globe '18.11.19

I expect that Pacifism be respected and recognized.
I expect that those with more expansive interests than watching flying balls be respected and recognized.
I expect that fireless travel be respected and recognized.

A pedestrian is not a poor person who would rather take a jet.


Regional Jocktator Supreme

BEDROCK:  Broadcast signals are limited quasi-natural resources of region, belonging to the region which reasonably receives those signals and whose benefits should be fairly shared by its people, wildlife, land, water and air.

Is your favorite charity a hideout for the conscience of those who earn filthy riches by enabling, encouraging, and/or promoting unsustainable  environmental, economic, and health practices?

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  ~Helen Keller

Ideas on this blog are, of course, of limited validity or value since they brandish no claim to support for the(war)God(s) at the far end of the Mediteranean Sea.


The Indigenist Enjoys the Best of Both Worlds

My specialty, based entirely on observation, contemplation and survival, is Majority Psychology.

Monotheism is a hate group. It advocates war or it enables other monotheists who advocate war.
Fame is an industry with a moving living image for product.
Monarchy is the economic force of all the fans and institutions who, consciously or not, invest in protecting the same old thing and the same old people.  Monarchy is the antithesis of revolutionary.
Saudi Arabia is the United KINGDOM's baby.  But then, they say, so is the United States.  Gonna hafta do somethin about that.


Public Broadcast TV In Boston Normalizes Air Pollution

We try to block out the bad news and hope against hope that somewhere someone who knows more than we do, has some answers.  The tragedy is that this totally understandable feeling -- that we must leave the big problems to the "experts" -- lies at the very root of our predicament, because the experts are those with the greatest stake in the status quo.  Schooled in the institutions of power, they take as given many patterns that must change if we are to find answers.  Thus, the solutions can come only from people who are less "locked-in" . . . -- Frances Moore Lappe DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET: Twentieth Anniversary Edition


One Liner

So this artist goes into a bar.  [ I don't know anything about bars.  All I know is that nouns go into the bar and one liners are delivered. ]  This bar is full of publishers. [ Oh, yeah.  Also.  This is before computers. ]  So this artist goes into the bar and says,  "You can't tell a book by its content."


a poem

                            SHOUTS OF THE ARTIST IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE
          First, they want to stake out a little visual territory and call it their flag.
                             Then, they want us to pledge allegiance to it.
         Then they want another flag -- a veterans flag -- a flag to justify the next war.
                         Now they expect allegiance to the Fuckin' Ball Teams!